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Saturday 12 Mar 2022
Stadio Alberto Picco   /   La Spezia   /   Italy





Posted: 09-03-2022 by SOUNDS GOOD


Similar match to the Turkish one. Again both teams are involved in the relegation battle. (16)Spezia accept (17) Cagliari. They are just above the danger zone.


Spezia won 3 of their 4 matches in January, but since then they drew once and lost 4 times.


Cagliari is in very good form and the better results came since the beginning of 2022 - 4 wins,3 draws, and losses from Roma and Lazio


H2H (head to head) stats are in our favor as well:

Cagliari-Spezia - 2:2   2021

Spezia-Cagliari - 2:1   2021

Cagliari-Spezia - 2:2   2020

Cagliari-Spezia - 1:2   2016

Spezia-Cagliari - 0:3   2015

Cagliari-Spezia - 2:1   2012 cup


Without zeroes in the final result. BTTS


BTTS (Stake: 7)




Match Score: 2:0
Tip Result: Lost ( - 7 )

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