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Monday 04 Jul 2022
Leiknisvöllur   /   Reykjavík   /   Iceland

Leiknir R.

Leiknir R.

IA Akranes

IA Akranes

Posted: 04-07-2022 by BETTOR'S CLUB

»Iceland» Besta-deild karla »Leiknir vs. Akranes

Team analysis:

Leiknir is in 12th place with 4 points, while Akranes is in 10th place with 8 points.

Odds analysis:

The opening of the handicap of +0.5 in favor of the guests and remains unchanged, but with a slight decrease for the hosts.

Is the bookmaker very confident in offering this handicap in favor of the guests?


It is true that Akranes have won several points in the last 6 matches but not by much, so we believe that the initial line of handicap can be crossed by the host team. I think this 0.5 handicap will help the host win this line.

Pick: Leiknir (AH -0.5) - odds 2.05


Leiknir vs. Akranes – Home Win (Stake: 10)




Match Score: 1:0
Tip Result: Won ( + 10.5 )

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