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access to ALL Premium Tips

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*Please, read through to the end before you make a decision

1. What types of Tips do you get for Your Subscription?

* Rolling Bets/Betting Challenge, Singles, Doubles, Bet Builders.

*(at least: two Doubles, two Singles and one Bet Builder)

2. How often do you get your TIPS?

* As soon as you join, you will start to receive our well-researched Premium Tips on your e-mail address EVERY DAY.

3. What betting markets do your Tips cover?

* Corners

* Total goals (over)

* BTTS (both teams to score)

* Full-time results

* Asian Handicaps

* DNB (draw no bet)

* Any other market, if there is a value bet

4. What makes our tips profitable?

* Clever play

* Discipline

* Bet the right way

* Betting knowledge

* 35 years of experience in the betting industry


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If you Join after 2PM you'll get Tips for the next day

* We recommend our

£10-£50 Betting Challenge.

The experience shows that we completed successfully 19 out of 50 Challenges, and these 19 winners returned £972.80 and made £472.80 profit from scratch.

*As soon as we complete successfully the first £10-£50 Challenge, we'd return our investment, and start playing with the bookmaker's money. Sounds Good, and it works. You invest a small amount of money to make a huge return on investment (ROI)

*Many of our Social media members (Facebook Groups, Telegram Group, Twitter, and Instagram) followed most of our Challenges and are happy with the outcome. Some people start the Challenge with £5, others with £50. It's all depending on your betting bank.

* If You decide to Join Premium, and follow the Challenge, the best plan for you is::

3 Months Subscription for £45.00 which is as little as £0.50 per day. You are saving £15

* Our experience shows that we've got the higher winning percentage for betting on corners (78,88%), followed by Total goals (over), and BTTS (75,40%) which is based on 880 Corners tips played as Single bets and Doubles, and 617 BTTS, over 2.5 goals, played as Single bets and Doubles.

*If You want to try just a month, to see how it goes, pick 1 Month Premium for £20.00 which is as little as £0.66 per day.

Do not gamble! Invest!

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