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26/02/2024 10:11

Bet Builder 1

Fixtures & Predictions Odds
AS Roma vs Torino
BTTS 2.05
AS Roma vs Torino
Roma to Win 1.95
STAKE £50.00
RETURN £237.50

Bet Builder 2

Fixtures & Predictions Odds
Fiorentina vs Lazio
BTTS 1.95
Fiorentina vs Lazio
Lazio to Win 3.40
STAKE £50.00
RETURN £375.00

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* In our example, the £50 Stake is just to illustrate the returns if both games win.

* We do not recommend the same stake to be used, it is up to your personal choice.

* If you are not up to bet on doubles, visit our other pages to find what’s best for you.

Bet Builder is:

Bet builder is when you create your own bet combining different markets on the same match. This way gives you more fun and excitement as well as the odds go higher and the potential payout.


You can bet in one go on the winner, the number of corners, the number of cards, goals, and so on.

Double bet is:

When one bet is placed on two selections.

Both selections must win to have a return.


1. Two selections with odds of 1.40 each will double your stake if they both win: (1.40 x 1.40 x 1(stake) = 1.96)

You must win at least 2 out of 3 times betting on doubles with odds of around 1.40 for each selection to make a profit.

2. Two selections with odds of 2.00 each will return (4 x stake) if they both win: (2.00 x 2.00 x 1(stake) = 4)

You must win at least 2 out of 4 times betting on doubles with odds of around 2.00 for each selection to make a profit. If we succeed once out of 4 times, we will return all our stakes but not make any profit.

The fewer selections, the better. The chance of loss increases with one more selection added, compared to single-bet, but some bettors prefer to bet on doubles only using different strategies.


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Profits are not guaranteed.

Please, Gamble responsibly!